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Hello Friends! I’m Shannon and I’m an apprentice here at Live Love Lash! Today I tried our Infra-Slim Body Contouring treatment. I went blindly into this endeavor and really had no idea what to expect, but I believe that the best way to inform others about a service is to experience it yourself – so I did!

What IS Infra-Slim Body Contouring?
Infra-Slim uses a combination of infrared technology and gentle pressure to safely and painlessly heat and expand fat cells, which releases stored fat and toxins from your body. Your body fat is liquefied and pushed through your lymphatic system and is then metabolized and expelled from your body through the natural process of elimination.

What are the benefits?
The benefits of the Infra-Slim treatment are plentiful! It was originally used to treat edema and diabetes and improve circulation, but is also used to help relieve pain, lessen cellulite, slim and firm your body, and remove fat and inches from your arms, legs and body.

The Process:


First thing’s first! What should I wear?

You should wear long pants and long sleeves (matching optional!) for your treatment; the suit gets pretty warm so it’s preferable to have a barrier between your skin and the suit itself.

Next, your service provider will take your “before” measurements and then put you in the suit and set your custom treatment! It’s a little awkward at first, but it gets much more comfortable in a minute! The suit will wrap around each leg, your torso, each arm and around your shoulders and upper chest area.

Now, RELAX! Your service will last about 38 minutes and it’s absolutely heavenly! The suit will gently inflate around your arms, each leg and then your torso area while applying infrared heat. The combination of the infrared heat, the gentle pressure and the aromatherapy makes it impossible not to relax (or maybe take a short nap), while your body fat is massaged and melted away!

After the time is up your treatment provider will release you from the suit and take your “after” measurements, if you like.


This was my first time, and as advertised, you’ll see the best results after multiple services, but I’m happy with the results I received! My weight went down by .2 lbs (which doesn’t seem like a lot, but for one 38 minute treatment, I would say that’s pretty great!) I lost ¼ inch from my arms, ½ inch from my waist and ¾ inch from my thighs! Not to mention the relief of some minor muscle aches and pains and just generally feeling better.

Naturally, results vary depending on each individual and their body.


After your treatment you should be ready to drink a lot of water! Water is going to help move the expelled fat  and toxins through your system and keep you hydrated. Add some hustle to your day! The more you move around the more you will metabolize. You should try to avoid eating sugar, carbohydrates and starches, as those tend to turn into fat.

All in all, the Infra-Slim is quite a treat! It’s hard to believe that it was actually benefitting me while in its gentle, warm embrace. It’s definitely something to try! Visit to learn more or schedule your appointment!

Written by Shannon Wells

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