June: A Peek Behind the Scenes

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Hello Summer.. Sweet Goodbye


There is so much going on this summer, I feel like it will be over before we know it. I keep reminding myself to stay present and enjoy all the exciting events happening before they disappear and become the past. 

As I’m sure some of you already know, we are losing our studio manager Sierra Harrison. She and her husband Ben will be moving to Arizona at the end of the month, and are looking forward to a pool in their backyard and being closer to family. 

Sierra started with me at almost the very beginning of Live Love Lash in Denver. She came through the door as an Aesthetic student who was looking for an internship. Chad interviewed her and really respected her strength of character. He said to me immediately, “You should give this one a shot.”   

Sierra jumped in  and it was almost like she wore her vision board and list of bench mark goals on her lapel every day. She was driven and focused. What started as an internship quickly became an offer to join our team full time. Fast forward to the short list of her accomplishments: becoming an advanced certified Xtreme Lashes stylist, Live Love Lash studio team leader and then manager.  

A few years ago, she approached me and was interest in becoming an educator for Xtreme Lashes (not an easy job to get!) I helped her open the door but let her know the journey to the offer was all on her. Of course, she was selected!! Today she has become one of the most well-respected lash stylists at Live Love Lash and Xtreme Lashes. Her work is featured in national campaigns and she is frequently asked to collaborate on projects that will shape our industry. 

Needless to say, I have been very happy to be a part of her journey and witness her personal and professional growth first hand. She has not only become respected in our industry but well-loved buy our team. I won’t get too sappy as it’s not goodbye. Sierra and I will still be working closely on corporate projects for Xtreme Lashes. But for those of you that won’t get to see her every few weeks, I know you join me in wishing Sierra and Ben ongoing success, good health and hopefully a few days of shade as they journey on to live on the face of the sun!! You will be missed Sierra, we love you.



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