Live Love Lash Bride Jennifer and her fiance Aaron’s Love Story

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Featured Live Love Lash Bride Jennifer:

Jennifer & Aaron’s Love Story


Aaron’s perspective: We Locked Eyes


So there I was, on a fishing trip with the boys. We were reminiscing about the wonderful times we’ve had without woman to mess things up 🙂 The day after the fishing trip was my sister’s wedding, who happened to be Jennifer’s best friend.


The day before the wedding at the rehearsal dinner, I saw her. She was standing in the sun which broke through the kitchen window and glistened off her hair. She was glowing. Her eyes met mine, and I recognized her face: an old friend. Jennifer and I have known each other since we were both little, thanks to my sister Hope.


The next day, the wedding was going by fast, but the urge to get to really know Jennifer remained. What could I do to get her interested in me? I had it! Take her fishing! The time to ask was tricky. I was the DJ at Hope’s wedding which allowed me a large platform to profess my interest. I took full advantage of the opportunity. I excitedly asked if Jennifer was going to have a dance off with me. She had a witty, “You’re going down” reply.  But, when the time came, she refused. I couldn’t contain the motions my body felt when a groovy song struck. I had no choice. I disappointedly danced with others, but wanted Jen. I was confused, did she like me? Should I still invite her to go fishing?

The important thing to keep in mind is Hope had banned both of us on separate occasions to NEVER date! Let alone talk. But, I messaged her anyways. When Hope returned from her honeymoon I knew there was a serious talk coming. I sat Hope down and explained that I already had a date planned with Jennifer.

“WHAT!?” Hope exclaimed! After a long talk with Hope, she volunteered herself and my new brother in law Ian, to come along on our first date to take the pressure off.


We hit it off! I was so nervous that I would run out of things to say. I ended up talking a lot about what makes me cry (not exactly the most romantic thing to talk about on a first date). She agreed to go on a second date: our first fishing trip. The fishing trip was short, no bites. However, I now know I will never be able to break my personal best catch, but that is perfectly okay with me because Jennifer will always be my best catch!


Jennifer’s Perspective: Tall Dark and Handsome!


I knew he would be at the wedding! I needed to make him notice me. I had my eye on him, a crush really, since we were little. I was standing in the kitchen, and he walked in. He’d grown so much since we were little, handsome as ever. He was wearing a western button up, belt, jeans, and cowboy boots. He kept looking at me and trying to start conversation. I wasn’t sure what to do. Was he just trying to be my friend? Even after he kept smiling at me and asked me to dance, which I quickly turned down, I wasn’t sure if he liked me or wanted to be friends. Standing around, I heard people saying, “Oh that Aaron is single and happy alright.”


By the end of the night Aaron and I started talking about fishing. He asked if I had caught any fish before, and I hadn’t. It was the perfect plan for a first date! I just didn’t know why he was asking me this if he was sooo single and happy 😉


The day after the wedding I received a message on facebook. My mouth dropped. It was him! I ran to my mom to show her the news! At this point, I was trying to come up with the perfect reply. I was worried about what Hope would think. We talked right after the wedding, she reminded me he was off limits. Hope said we would find me a man together, as long as it wasn’t Aaron. Well I couldn’t wait for the opportunity; I didn’t want my entire life to pass me by. I said yes!


Hope called me asking what my plans were, knowing full well I was going on a date with him. She nervously agreed, but heavily implied we should make it a group date. I was nervous. So nervous I barely even talked. I don’t know why he asked me on a second date, but I was excited to catch fish with him. On our second date we didn’t get a bite, but I know I landed the best catch of my life.


Our Perspective: August 30, 2017–The Proposal


Jennifer often asked when we would get engaged. A cute joke she would use to hint the time was right. Little did Jennifer know that on one fateful afternoon, I had the ring in hand (tackle box) and already asked her Dad’s permission.


We went to the Denver Zoo to kill time before the actual proposal. We then went to our favorite spot, the pond by Jennifer’s house. Aaron had secretly planned a photographer to be hidden in the bushes when we got to the lake. What we both didn’t realize was prior to us getting to the lake was that a severe rainstorm had hit the lake and our photographer was drenched but determined to get the shot (thank you Blain!) We quickly walked to the lake with rods in hand. A few short casts later, Aaron asked me to come over to him, and I set my rod down. He said he wanted to spend the rest of our lives together and asked me to marry him! But where was the ring? He was so excited to ask he forgot to grab the ring from his tackle box. He quickly got down on one knee, unzipped his bag and pulled out my beautiful ring. Of course I said yes! I couldn’t stop shaking! After taking some photos, we rushed to my parents house where both families met and enjoyed the beginning of two families uniting.


Now we are just counting down the days, 67 to be exact. The Lord has blessed us so deeply. Our relationship started many years ago but we have been blessed by multiple opportunities that have brought us together. Our lives will forever be dedicated to one another and growing more and more with God’s beautiful plan.

To be continued… our never ending Love Story.

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