Happy Spritz Daily Essentials Trio Mixed 30 Count Bag
Happy Spritz Daily Essentials Trio Mixed 30 Count Bag

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Our assorted 30 day bag of towelettes include a mix of our top three blends, designed to take you through the day. Face + Body + Hands. 

Our premium approach to aromatherapy can be experienced in all our our face + body wipes with all of our products being 100% natural  ingredients and always cruelty free.

30 count includes: 
10 – individually wrapped Breathe Deeply towelettes
10 – individually wrapped Good Morning Beautiful towelettes
10 – individually wrapped Sweet Dreams Darling towelettes

Good Morning Beautiful: organic citrus essential oil + lemon peel essential oil
Breathe Deeply: organic peppermint essential + eucalyptus essential oil
Sweet Dreams Darling: lavender essential oil + ylang ylang essential oil

benefits: energizing, uplifting, mood enhancing, refreshing, purifying
use: face + body + hands // first thing in the morning, after the gym, on long flights or road trips, at the office, jet setting, glamping (or camping) in the wild, before bed.

• made from 100% biodegradable + sustainable plant fibers
• therapeutic grade steam distilled essential oils
• 100% naturally derived 
• cruelty free
• certified fsc + rainforest alliance approved paper 
• resealable (and recyclable) ziplock bag
• made in california

bag size: 
5.5″ x 9″

A portion of all proceeds from our face wipes goes to benefit animal rescue

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Happy Spritz Namaste Ninja
Happy Spritz Namaste Ninja

Namaste Ninja® essential oil spray will clear your mind and clean your mat. This aromatherapy blend uses organic tea tree essential oil as one of the main ingredients which is known for its antimicrobial, anti-fungal properties, making this perfect for post workout.

Use on your face + body + any surface (yoga mat, gym bag, shoes) that would would like naturally cleaned. This prized and precious blend will leaving you feeling like you just left the spa, not hot yoga!

• keynotes: tea tree + eucalyptus
• usage: face + body mist  *avoid contact with eyes
• 100ml/3.4oz frosted glass amber bottle
• portion of all proceeds goes to benefit animal rescue
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