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South Seas® Tahitian Tan Extender

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NEW PACKAGING! Our unique formula includes a touch of DHA to extend, build or accelerate your glow without a streak! Infused with Monoi de Tahiti and caffeine for ultimate hydration and a perfected appearance. Mango scent. Size: 5oz

Recommended for: Clients that are going on vacation so they can extend their tan; this product is a ‘must have’. Can also be used to accelerate or build a tan. 2% DHA level. Mango scent.



• Extend: Apply daily or every other day as your natural or artificial tan begins to fade.

• Build: Apply daily until desired results are achieved.

• Accelerate: Apply 20 minutes prior to UV exposure to optimize your tan. This product does not contain sun protection properties.


3 reviews for South Seas® Tahitian Tan Extender

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