Riann Decker

Xtreme Lashes® Master Stylist & Trainer

Riann Decker is an Xtreme Lashes Master Stylist and Corporate Trainer and former Corporate Lash Stylist & Troubleshooting Specialist. During her time working at the corporate office for Xtreme Lashes, she provided support as a specialist in the development, design and functionality of existing and new product lines for eyelash extensions to ensure they are high-quality, luxury products.

With 10 years experience in the beauty industry, Riann has dedicated 5 years to eyelash extensions, ensuring every client who walked through the door left satisfied. She recognizes that eyelash extensions are a personal experience and brings her expertise to enhancing the natural beauty of the eyes. She is constantly exploring ways to give her clients gorgeous lashes and has a passion that pushes her to be the best lash artist for each individual client.