What’s in your hiking backpack?

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It’s finally the season for all things outside. Picnics, boats, barbecues and my favorite…hiking!

Growing up near Boulder, I’ve been hiking all my life. The only thing I never liked was lugging around a pack filled with things that I end up not needing. Luckily, after a lot of downsizing, I have figured out my hiking essentials!

Most importantly, sunscreen! I bring an oil-free sunscreen for my face to protect my lash extensions. Glo Oil-Free SPF 40+ is a great option. It is a physical sunscreen which basically means it has zinc-oxide that stops the sun’s rays from penetrating your skin. I pack South Seas Shade® SPF 30 for my body. This chemical sunscreen converts the sun’s rays into heat which is then released by the body. You can’t beat the smell and it keeps my spray tan looking fabulous (this way I don’t blind the other hikers with my pale legs). I also bring Xtreme Lashes® Volumizing Mascara, even when I’m hiking I want my eyes and lashes to pop! This is such a great stay-all-day formula that won’t transfer, even when you work up a sweat. Lastly, I bring my Intrinsics Gentle Cleansing Towels. They are a great way to cool down and wipe away your post hike *glisten*.

Throw in some SPF Chapstick, lots of water and a Pomeranian, then drop me off at the nearest trail head!

Xoxo Happy hiking!


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