The Team is the Trick in Business

View original article here Colorado Biz by Amy Dickerson You know the old saying, “Your network is your net worth?” When I was younger, I loathed that statement. It felt like a platitude that meant that I would never get anywhere … Read More

Cherry Creek Fashion: August 2019 Issue

View original article here Our series Talk Shop is a career and style profile featuring personalities from various industries. They are shot on location in Cherry Creek sometimes wearing clothing from stores in the area. Writer JORDAN LAUDADIO interviews Amy … Read More

Online Reviews: The Bane and the Boost to Your Business

Someone’s opinion is not fact, nor is it quantifiable BY KATIE WAFER  View original article here Your reputation matters, both as a business owner and as a business. Fortunately, and unfortunately, online reviews are immediate, direct, and although mostly helpful, … Read More

Cherry Creek North: Small Business Spotlight

View original article here The time-tested prescription for staying healthy is pretty straightforward: Eat nutritious food, exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep and stay hydrated. That last one on the list is difficult, and can affect almost everything else we’re supposed to … Read More

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Partnerships

The idea of partnership with a friend and business colleague — someone you’ve never done business with and very much want to keep as a friend — can feel daunting. Think of the things that can go wrong: monetary loss, … Read More

What’s on your summer bucket list?

  What’s on MY summer bucket list, you ask? Probably a few things that you would expect a native to have already done! Colorado is a prime destination for all things outdoors, the microbrewing capital of the midwest, basically the … Read More

What’s in your hiking backpack?

It’s finally the season for all things outside. Picnics, boats, barbecues and my favorite…hiking! Growing up near Boulder, I’ve been hiking all my life. The only thing I never liked was lugging around a pack filled with things that I … Read More

Practice Safe Sun

Shield your skin from the harsh summer rays with one of our sunscreens at Live Love Lash. Whether you’re a lashista looking for oil free products or have sensitive skin and need a physical sunscreen, we have the tools for … Read More

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