Xtreme Lashes by LIVE LOVE LASH

It is our job for clients to LOVE their lashes. Even better when they share that love with us.
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Angel does an amazing job! I started off by never ever wanting to get eyelash extensions but she convinced me to and now I LOVE them! Definitely cuts the makeup process shorter. She takes her time, pays attention to detail and makes sure I am happy with the way they look before I leave. Everyone always asks me who does my lashes and I always recommend Angel. I recommend her to everyone and anyone!
Ivy N. – Denver

I have been seeing Sierra Harrison since she started. I have gone from a no nothing lash look to one that draws attention. I get so many compliments now on my lashes (that everyone thinks are mine – LOL) She is professional, quick, and simple amazing!!!!
I highly recommend her! She is the best!
Cici S. – Denver

Live Love Lash Denver is fabulous! Amy Dickerson, owner and lash expert, is very talented at her craft. I have never left without feeling 100% happy and satisfied. The salon is lovely and comfortable and Amy staff is helpful and pleasant. Angel is a doll and also does an excellent job ūüôā
Janet W. – Denver

Sierra gave me the most beautiful natural lash extensions! I could not be more pleased with the way they look and also the comfortable/awesome experience I had with her! She took the time to make them look perfect and made sure I was 100% happy. Thanks Sierra!
Katie S. – Denver

I’ve been getting lash extensions for two and a half years. ¬†I started to get fills from Sierra at Live Love Lash in November 2013 and I couldn’t be happier! ¬†She does an amazing job of making them look natural and full. ¬†I am so pleased with the service I receive from her at Live Love Lash. ¬†Go see her! ¬†You’ll be in good hands!
Hannah F. – Golden, CO

I just can’t say enough nice things about Hannah at Live. Love. Lash. Every single time I get my lashes done here, without fail, I get so many compliments it’s unreal. ¬†A good friend of mine who loves to point out bad eyelash extensions was floored when he found out my eyelashes were indeed fake. His exact quote was “girl, I can always spot eyelash extensions but those, THOSE are good!”. ¬† Score!!
In a nutshell, you will not regret spending the money on Xtreme lashes with Hannah at Live Love Lash, you will just be sad you didn’t find out about her sooner. ¬†She is absolutely amazing!!
Lindsay S. – Denver

Ladies. This place is the bomb. I have been getting my lashes done for years, so I’m going to go ahead and say that I know a little about lash apllication, how they should feel, how long they should last. Amy and her team are the best of the best. The lashes always look great, feel great, and last for the amount of time they should!
Julie M. – Denver

Best eyelash and brow tints¬†and wax EVER, and I’m super picky.
J. Hickam – Denver, CO

Pink Paisley Events absolutely loves LIVE LOVE LASH! I have never received so many compliments on the natural look of my extreme lashes. I recommend this company to anyone looking for quality service and quality products.

I have been getting my lash extensions done at LIVE lOVE LASH with Amy Dickerson for amost a year, I find Amy to be a talented professional and  knowlegeable about the prodiuct and puts them on perfectly. She is continually taking classes, attending seminars and furthering her knowledge of Extreme Lash extentions.
I highly recommend Amy and LIVE LOVE LASH for lash extensions.
Linda L. ¬†–¬† Englewood, CO.

This is the second time I have been to live love lash in cherry creek to fix my lash extensions other salons did a poor job on. Amy is very talented at applying the lash extensions and chad is always so friendly when I’ve came in. They all remember I have a significant other deploying to Afghanistan though I’ve only been there twice- that tells you what type of people they are. It has been refreshing to find a place like live love lash. And I will now be returning only to this location for services to include microdermabrasion and other spa services with heather.
So to those contemplating lash extensions- do it! They are beautiful and make your eyes POP. I get so many people complimenting them and asking if they are real because they are applied so well. If cared for properly they last a lot longer then people believe. I know cost may be a deal breaker but no money can be placed on looking and feeling great . Live love lash is very affordable surprisingly with its location in cherry creek, but as we all know you get what you pay for. It’s worth it to have it done right the first time.
I love this place and as I told them personally I can’t thank them enough for fitting me in when I was in panic mode or Am flying out of town that same day. You all are wonderful!
Kristin W. – Denver, CO

Happy anniversary, Live Love Lash.
How blessed is our community to have you move to Denver and love on all of your clients in such a nurturing way.

“Amy is a perfectionist – she applies each lash with care and exacting placement. My lashes look not only long and lush, but so much like my own lashes that even my eye doctor didn’t know they weren’t real. I’m so glad I found her, and feel confident in her skills and the care that she takes to make sure that each and every lash is placed correctly. Her exacting and precise lash application, coupled with quality of Xtreme Lashes, makes for a winning combination. I highly recommend Amy to anyone interested in trying Xtreme Lashes. You’ll be a convert!”
Cathy – Madison WI

“I have very light colored, thin eyelashes and decided I wanted to try eyelash extensions. I was a bit hesitant because I did not want to look like I had fake eyelashes on, so I carefully selected a lash stylist. Thankfully, I found Amy Dickerson, and I love my eyelash extensions. Amy does a fabulous job. The length and fullness of my eyelashes are perfect and they look very natural. I don’t need to use mascara unless I want a more dramatic look. This saves me so much time getting ready in the mornings and no matter what is going on, I always look like I have eyes. I am truly hooked on eyelash extensions and would not trust my eyes to anyone other than Amy.”
Becky Carden

“I have had my Extreme lashes for almost nine months! I absolutely Love them. They are such a statement and give such a boost to my self confidence. Amy is most professional, and does a spectacular job! She always fulfills every request as far as my lashes shape, length and fullness. She has been most¬†knowledgeable¬†in how I should care for them and what products with lengthen the life of my investment. The beauty of Amy’s work is “No one knows they’re not real! Shh!”. Friends think I have been miraculously blessed with these absolutely amazing and lush eyelashes! Amy does such a great job, that I have never been questioned once whether or not my lashes are real. That speaks for itself! I have all the confidence in Amy’s work, it is relaxing to know that Amy has never disappointed me and has always delivered me gorgeous lashes. I would be heartbroken without Amy’s services and my Extreme Lashes. I know it sounds silly, but I love my lashes this much! After research and experience, there is no one else in this are that can offer such great client service and deliver Extreme Lashes like a professional as Amy does!”

“As a Fine Art Auctioneer standing on the stage in front of 300 people or more, my make up is very important. Amy did my lashes for me the last time she was in LA and I am hooked! I told her I would have to fly her down to do them, as I have exhausted my options here and no one makes them look so real, so fabulous and last so long. It’s an understatement to say I am impressed!”
Cindy Wolmarans – Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve had lash extensions done several times by experts in Los Angeles, but never did they last as long as Amy’s Xtreme Lashes. I’ve always been able to feel the adhesive they used, with Amy’s I feel nothing, they feel like my real lashes, I forget I have any on. And they aren’t just longer, they are fuller and they look very natural. She’s the best!”
Kimberly Green – Los Angeles, CA

I’m a guy, and I got lash extensions for the first time ever here. ¬†My lashes are rather thin, and I got tired of fussing with mascara and the “baby-doll” look mascara can cause. ¬†I didn’t know what to expect with lash extensions, but I thought I’d give it a shot.I was greeted warmly and made to feel at home. ¬†They were perfectly able to listen and respond to my needs, concerns, and questions.¬† They created a totally custom, natural look with my lashes which make them appear slightly longer, and much more full and healthy.The next day, I received quite a few unsolicited compliments on my general appearance both from coworkers (who did not know I’d gotten extensions), as well as a few total strangers (including a cashier at Sprouts!). ¬†Getting lash extensions has been a huge confidence booster for me.I had a very nice experience here, and would definitely go back again if I decide to continue to get lash extensions. ¬†Thank you Live Love Lash!! ¬†ūüôā

Amy does such a wonderful job on my lashes! They stay looking full and lushes for weeks! Love the online booking! 5 stars
Trish T. – Denver, CO

Our Love For Your Lashes

And you can trust that your Live Love Lash¬†stylists are committed to taking care of you ‚Äď as our clients, and now our friends. The lash extension industry continues to grow, and lash services are becoming more and more popular. Because of this growth, we are seeing some pretty interesting things come through the door, as people try to attempt a short cut or cheaper method in getting lash extension services.

Sadly, as is often the case in business, and increasingly in beauty, we are seeing service providers cut corners by not receiving the proper training, using cheaper (and potentially unsafe) products, or simply being in too much of a hurry. As trainers and certified stylists in the lash industry, this is deeply disturbing. It saddens us to see this lack of client care, and service, being given to the people we are dedicated to serving.

Here are just two of our recent ‚Äúlash cases‚ÄĚ where our Live Love Lash¬†stylists have been able to correct lash extensions that were improperly applied at other studios.

Live Love Lash Denver is fabulous! Amy Dickerson, owner and lash expert, is very talented at her craft. I have never left without feeling 100% happy and satisfied. The salon is lovely and comfortable and Amy staff is helpful and pleasant. Angel is a doll and also does an excellent job ūüôā

Janet Woolley

I love this place for my lashes!!!! I have had lash extensions for over three years and this establishment is by far the BEST!!!!! Angel is a gem, she is sweet and so talented at her craft. She is a perfectionist with each lash, making them look perfect. She is gentle and I get to relax each time I come in. When I fall asleep, she doesn’t care if I snore either lol. The owner takes time to make sure her shop and workers are top notch. So, if you want to try lash extensions come here!

Cecily J.

I received my first set of lashes as a gift. My certified stylist Sierra Harrison explained everything. At first I was a little skeptical because I wasn’t sure about adding lashes to my lashes. However, the end product was fantastic! The lashes last through all of my activities. I have received so many compliments. It takes me half the time to get ready, leaving me more time to really enjoy my breakfast in the morning.

I would suggest to try them once if you don’t like them or find value than don’t come back. Most of the time you will end up coming back.

Jacqueline P.

Angel was so great! She was so gentle and knowledgeable on these eyelash extensions and it made me feel at ease knowing that I was in good hands. I got a full set and I’ve never had fake lashes before so I was a little nervous they wouldn’t look natural or the application would be painful or uncomfortable but it was all pretty Smooth and relaxing and it didn’t even take more than 2 hours! I am so happy with my lashes and I’m pretty sure I’ll be going back for a refill. I’ve had them on for less than a week and I’m already receiving compliments from my friends and family. They are so light weight I actually forget I have them on but the best part of all is that I can still do all of my daily workouts and not have to worry about sweating out my mascara!

Daniela A

Do not go anywhere else for your lashes, Live Love Lash is the very best. I was going somewhere else and had a bad experience. Had to have my lashes taken off and redone. Sierra Harrison got me through the ordeal and put an amazing set of lashes on me. You can’t even tell these are extensions. She did a perfect job picking out what would fit best on my eyes and for my face. Everyone is friendly and the shop is so welcoming. The service is great and fast, the staff is super professional and knowledgable. ¬†They sell great Xtreme products too so you will be all set start to finish with your beautiful lashes. Go here, they are amazing!!!

Cary L