Distinguished as this region’s official Xtreme Lashes® Academy of Lash Artistry

Live Love Lash provides personalized and professional beauty treatments to a local and worldwide clientele. We specialize in the art of Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions resulting in longer, thicker, fuller, and more beautiful looking eyelashes that are tailored to your lifestyle and customized to your eye shape. We also specialize in day spa services including:

Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions | Lash Lift | Lash + Brow Tinting | Microblading | Permanent Makeup | Professional Makeup Artistry | South Seas Spray Tanning | Infra-Slim Body Contouring | Waxing | Custom Bridal Packages

All services are performed by licensed estheticians and Xtreme Lashes Certified Lash Stylists and award-winning make-up artists in a relaxing studio atmosphere!

Angelica Coatman

Xtreme Lashes® Certified Stylist

Angelica is a Denver Native . She has had a passion for beauty since middle school , doing friends hair and make up for fun. She graduated from South High School in 2007 and MSU in 2012 with a Bachelors in Human Services, and most recently graduated from Montage Academy with her Esthetics Certification in June 2019.  She  wanted to pursue a career in helping others feel and look their best and would like to continue her education as an Esthetician and Lash Artist.

Amy Dickerson

Keeper of the Culture
Xtreme Lashes® Master Stylist + Xtreme Lashes Educator

Amy Dickerson is Owner of Live Love Lash, a Xtreme Lashes Master Lash Stylist and an Xtreme Lashes Educator. With more than 12 years’ experience in the eyelash extension and beauty industry, Amy is a licensed esthetician, an award winning Xtreme Lashes Master Stylist and one of a select few Xtreme Lashes trainers in the world.

Amy’s businesses have been featured by Associated Skin Care Professionals, Reign Magazine, Huffington Post, Brides Magazine and Good Day Colorado, to name a few. In 2015 she was selected as Xtreme Lashes Trainer of the Year, and in 2017 Amy was featured in the Cherry Creek Chronicle’s “Women Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2017”. Her studio, Live Love Lash, was also selected as the Cherry Creek Chamber of Commerce 2017 Business of the Year.

Throughout her career, Amy has been honored to share her passion for her clients, the industry and Xtreme Lashes through her studios, and in the course of training and mentoring others in the beauty industry business. She is most proud of teaching and motivating hundreds of people to start their own rewarding and profitable career in small business, and creating over 20 new jobs this year alone in her community.

Amy lives in Denver with her husband and their two crazy dogs (one currently on doggie daycare probation) in a house divided among Broncos and Packers.

Chanty Vargas

Xtreme Lashes® Certified Stylist

Chanty is a proud Colorado native that has been obsessed with everything beauty since she was just a little girl. As she started growing older the dolls she would do makeup on transformed into real life people. She started her career as a makeup artist when was only 15 years old. Three years into her makeup career she decided to further her knowledge by becoming a licensed esthetician. Her passion for skincare, makeup and all things that make you beautiful only started growing from there! She is now an experienced makeup artist, a eyebrow and waxing specialist, as well as a certified extreme lashes stylist. Lashes quickly became a huge part of her life and she says she would not want it any other way! 

Jennifer Asher

Xtreme Lashes® Master Lash Stylist + Spray Tan Guru + Skin Care Technician

Jennifer started her journey in the beauty industry in middle school, after experiencing a facial treatment for the first time. After solving her acne prone skin she was hooked with a desire to give others the same impact the industry gave her. She worked hard to finish school at the College of International Esthetics and became licensed as a medically trained esthetician in March 2018. Her experience with Xtreme Lashes began three years ago when she was actually a client here at Live Love Lash! Born in California but a Coloradan at heart, Jennifer loves all things outdoors! She likes to spend her free time on the water bass fishing or in the mountains hiking with her two dogs.

With her motivation and passion for her career, she is sure to go far!

Ashley Leland

Xtreme Lashes® Apprentice Lash Stylist + Spray Tan Guru

Ashley is a recent Denver transplant that grew up in the Pacific Northwest. Her passion for all things beauty began the first time she got a full set of eyelash extensions, the transformation and the confidence she walked away with is what she hopes to provide every guest she comes in contact with. Ashley attended Paul Mitchell the School of Portland for Esthetics and Nails and hopes to continue her education at Live Love Lash and soak in everything she can about the industry. 

Kim Le

Guest Services Specialist + Social Media Relations + Spray Tan Guru

Kim was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. She is currently attending Metro State University to earn her degree in Event and Meeting Management. She started working in the hospitality industry but decided to take a different route and try something new, which lead her here at Live Love Lash. Ever since she was a little girl, she loved everything about beauty and makeup. But she never expected to work in the beauty industry. She hopes to finish earning her Event and Meeting Management degree at Metro State University and then go on to become a licensed esthetician. After that we’ll see where the future takes her.

Lindsey Hamilton

Guest Service Specialist + Spray Tan Guru

Originally from St. Louis Missouri, Lindsey has been in Denver for most of her life. While attending the Aveda Institute in Denver, she developed a love and passion for makeup and the beauty industry as a whole. Her bright smile and spunky personality create a warm and welcoming greeting when entering the studio. In her free time Lindsey loves hanging out with friends and expanding her wardrobe with her fantastic sense of style. Her eagerness to learn in this industry are just the beginning as she continues to grow with us at Live Love Lash.

Jenny Huang

Xtreme Lashes® Certified Lash Stylist + Licensed Massage Therapist + Skin Care Technician

Jenny Huang was born in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan, a province known for its delicious food and attention to beauty. Chengdu is sometimes called the Paris of China. Jenny has worked in the beauty industry since 1993 and has lived in Denver since 2018. She is a licensed esthetician and massage therapist. HER MASSAGES ARE INCREDIBLE! Jenny is also a Certified Lash Stylist with Xtreme Lashes. Jenny loves working in the field of beauty and helping clients.

Angel Hoang

Xtreme Lashes® Master Lash Stylist + Lash Ninja

Here we have Angel Hoang, but her friends and family call her Vyvy. She was born right here in Denver, CO and lived here since day one. One of the major reasons why she is in this industry is because she believes in the importance of physical appearance. She says it brings out a confidence in everyone like nothing else in this world can. You know what they say, look good, feel good, and she truly enjoys helping people look and feel their absolute best every single time they walk through that door. Angel graduated from Mountain Range High School in Westminster with the class of 2009 and immediately went to get her cosmetology license along with her Xtreme Lashes Certification and the rest is history. She’s been with Amy and this company since 2014 and she’s hoping that together with the rest of the LLL girls, they can take this company to even more extraordinary heights.

Hannah Frase

Manager + Xtreme Lashes® Advanced Certified Lash Stylist 

Hannah has been a licensed esthetician with Live Love Lash since 2014, however, she was first introduced to lash extensions in 2009 when she first fell in love with them. She has a great appreciation for the way lash extensions help clients feel more confident so they can go do their life more successfully!  Look Good, Feel Good, DO GOOD!  

After applying lash applications for five years Hannah moved into a management role with Live Love Lash. She is greatly enjoying the administrative side of the business, however, she misses seeing her clients regularly!

Kai Bauer

Xtreme Lashes® Certified Lash Stylist +  Microblading Specialist

Trained by Deluxe Brow International Academy, Kai is a passionate and experienced eyebrow artist who specializes in Microblading. Kai even traveled to Australia to learn the newest techniques in Microblading, only to bring those new methods to the States. As a perfectionist by nature, she has a keen eye for design and passion for enhancing natural beauty using subtle definition, custom cosmetic artistry, permanent makeup techniques, and color theory. Kai has helped hundreds of clients achieve their desired results and truly understands the power of an eyebrow. She takes her utmost time with each client to ensure the outline of your new shape is symmetrical and tailored to your unique bone structure, prior to beginning any treatment. Whether you are looking to create more volume, add definition, change or improve your shape, Kai will personalize your brows to fit your style.

Brennah Decamillis

Xtreme Lashes® Master Lash Stylist

Brennah, a Colorado native, was born with enormous creativity and a passion for drawing. Her artistic gift expresses amazing detail and unique talent. She has learned how to apply these traits to her craft, cosmetology. With Brennah, you will experience patience, precision and the pursuit of perfection. 

Brennah’s other passions include happily getting absorbed in a good read, strolling for shells on a beach no matter what ocean, and escaping both physically and mentally into the world of yoga.

Kayla Adamy

Xtreme Lashes® Master Lash Stylist

Kayla moved to Denver in May 2015 from New Hampshire. After graduating high school in 2008, she tried her hand in a couple different career paths, including culinary school and becoming a certified yoga teacher. It wasn’t until she moved to Colorado and realized that the constant passion in her life has always been skin care, that she enrolled in the Aveda Institute Denver and graduated from the esthetics program. She has always believed that the foundation to beauty is great skin. During her time in beauty school she was introduced to eyelash extensions and realized that they were a perfect fit for her detail-oriented, artistic and perfectionist personality. Kayla also found that she enjoys taking care of people and being the person that they can see for a few hours a day to do something relaxing and pampering for themselves. She received her esthetician license in August 2016.

Kamila Nanney

Xtreme Lashes® Certified Lash Stylist + Waxing Master

Kamila was born and raised near Boulder, Colorado. She has always been interested in working in the beauty industry, even giving her dolls haircuts and forcing makeovers onto her sister!

Through high school, she was able to work towards a hairstyling license through Boulder TEC before continuing on to Heritage College and becoming a licensed esthetician in 2012. Kamila originally took the Xtreme Lashes level 1 training in 2014.

Here at Live Love Lash her goals are relatively simple, wanting to give everyone that she sees an amazing experience, making them look and more importantly feel beautiful.

Sierra Herrera

General Manager

Sierra, a Denver native, joined Live Love Lash in 2014 as a guest services specialist. She has loved all things health and beauty for as long as she can remember. She went on to pursue a degree in Hospitality, Tourism and Events at MSU Denver, graduating in 2016. After many life changes and years at Live Love Lash, she realized that this is her passion. Spending her days working, studying and soaking in all aspects of the business, she fell more in love with the industry and the company itself. She hopes to continue growing and expanding her knowledge of the business and is excited to see where the Live Love Lash train takes her!

Thiana Nuanes

Xtreme Lashes® Master Lash Stylist + Xtreme Lashes Educator + Makeup Artist

Thiana is a Colorado native who obtained her esthetics license from the College of International Esthetics. Her passion for the beauty industry began with the art of makeup which led her to the depths of esthetics. She became fascinated with eyelash extensions and the power a wink can hold. Thiana is now a certified Xtreme Lashes stylist with the goal to master her craft and go beyond all “lengths” to make every client she works with feel beautiful. Thiana is a huge football fan, but during off season indulges in great comedies. Because life should be full of laughter!

“Laugh with me, lash with me.”

Jennifer Molony

Xtreme Lashes® Certified Lash Stylist + Dermaplane Specialist + Skin Care Technician

Jennifer began working in esthetics after studying makeup artistry in Hollywood focusing on special effects and, eventually, beauty makeup. Because she struggled with acne in adolescence she wanted to become a licensed esthetician in hopes to not only help people feel their best, but also help them to protect and beautify their skin as she understood frustrations when wanting to put your best face forward.

Jen has been a licensed esthetician for around 20 years and worked in skincare and makeup for 15 years as well. She had an interest in lash extensions for years and became a Certified Lash Stylist at the Xtreme Lashes Academy of Lash Artistry at Live Love Lash. Jen earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies and Master’s in Special Education. She continues to pursue her passions of learning and making a positive mark in all of the people’s lives she gets to touch.

Her goals with Live Love Lash are to become a trusted lashista whom women feel confident and happy to visit. The services Jen offers include waxing, lashes, spray tans, dermaplaning, facials and eventually permanent makeup.