March: A Peek Behind the Scenes

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I routinely get a slew of questions from clients, friends and acquaintances about Live Love Lash: how it all works and what we’re up to next. I’ve been promising to give a “peek behind the scenes” for a long time, but like many others, when it comes to sitting still and writing, it often ends up at the bottom of my to-do list (I’m running a business!).
But I’ve turned over a new leaf for 2017. I’m committed to giving you the “inside scoop,” this every five-to-six-week column designed to keep you posted on the Live Love Lash life, business, culture and our ultimate glam squad.
The journey began in 2005 when I followed a boy we’ll call “the Chad” across the country (don’t all journeys begin like this?). We met working together on cruise ships and, before long, decided to settle together in Wisconsin. I was an art auctioneer on those ships and quickly learned that there isn’t much need for art auctioneers in Madison, Wis., so my next career journey began.
A few fateful things happened. I saw lash extensions on a friend and so got a set installed myself. I loved them instantly. I loved how they made me feel and was immediately and totally entranced. Fast-forward to our move across the country in 2012 to Colorado, where no one had even heard of lash extensions. Suddenly, I saw an amazing opportunity to start a small business based on something I loved.
I have always been kind of lazy when it comes to my beauty routine, and lash extensions made it so much easier to maintain. Plus, the way they made me feel inspired me to want to be able to do that for others. I recognized immediately that this would be something big.
It’s hard to believe this business started with just me and has now grown into a team of twenty women. I am excited and inspired every day by what can happen when surrounded by a team of caring and motivated individuals. It truly does take a village.
I look forward to sharing more about our company, our culture and our glam squad and the lessons we have learned along the way.
In the meantime, got a question or a comment? Please let me know. There’s nothing you can’t ask me and I’m a firm believer in the notion that we rise by lifting others. Our staff is living proof.

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