Practice Safe Sun

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Shield your skin from the harsh summer rays with one of our sunscreens at Live Love Lash. Whether you’re a lashista looking for oil free products or have sensitive skin and need a physical sunscreen, we have the tools for you to keep your skin safe this summer. Come pick up your sunscreen at Live Love Lash for 20% off in July.

Sanitas Solar Block SPF 20 // $28 Physical sunscreen / Skin type: all skin types This is a mineral-based, physical sunscreen that offers protection from both UVA and UVB rays and protects us from the sun as soon as it is applied (no wait needed). Solar Block is suitable for all skin types. Application tip: Emulsify in hands, gently pat onto skin, and then rub in. This helps the zinc oxide blend with ease.

Glo Therapeutics Oil Free SPF 40 // $32 Physical sunscreen / Skin type: all skin types This facial sunscreen provides broad-spectrum protection from the sun’s damaging rays while nourishing hydrators and antioxidants fortify the skin. Recommended for all skin types, and contains hyaluronic acid to help lock in moisture. It is a physical sunscreen and therefore is better for those with heat-activated skin (like those with rosacea and redness) because it deflects the heat and energy given off by the sun away from the skin. Insider tip: This sunscreen is oil free, making it a great choice for lash clients.

Glo Skin Beauty Moisturizing Tint SPF 30 // $38 Chemical sunscreen / Skin type: normal to dry A lightweight, oil free formula that provides moisture to combat dehydration and dryness, broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection to guard against the sun’s damaging rays and a sheer hint of color to softly even tone and enhance skin’s radiance. This is a chemical sunscreen with a light, whipped texture making it ideal for summertime. Available in four shades: Dark, Medium, Fair and Light. Application tip: Apply liberally at least 15 minutes prior to sun exposure. Wear alone or under makeup. Reapply every 2-3 hours to maintain protection or as needed. Use daily.

solar shade spf 50 sensitiveGlo Therapeutics Solar Shade SPF 50 // $40 Physical sunscreen / Skin type: all skin types, especially sensitive This lightweight blend of natural, mineral sunscreens glides on skin and absorbs quickly, providing broad spectrum protection to shield against sun damage and prevent photoaging. Designed for delicate, sensitive skin, the added antioxidants and conditioners gently soften and smooth to help preserve a youthful glow. Free of dyes, fragrance, parabens, gluten, nuts and soy.

Glo Minerals Tinted Primer SPF 30 // $36 Physical sunscreen / Skin type: all skin types, especially oily or combination This silky, oil free, tinted primer with pure mineral sun protection glides on to instantly even skin tone, mask imperfections and provide all day coverage. Wear alone for sheer radiance or prep foundation for a flawless complexion. Available in four shades: Dark, Medium, Fair and Light.

South Seas Shade SPF 30 // $22 Chemical Sunscreen / Skin type: all skin types Shade SPF 30 is a lightweight, breathable skin protectant developed to preserve your sunless tan. Skin supporting vitamins A, C, & E blend with refreshing Aloe Vera leaving your skin with a silky, sheer finish.

Glo Skin Beauty Daily Mineral Defense SPF 30 // $44 Physical sunscreen / Skin Types: dry to normal Daily Mineral Defense SPF 30 shields skin against the sun’s damaging rays with pure mineral protection. This unique formula is infused with oleosome technology to help skin maintain and extend hydration levels. Conditioning agents offer additional support to dry skin.

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