Stylist Feature: Angel Hoang

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Angel Hoang. Her lash appointments are as coveted as the last drop of water in a canteen is to a lost cowboy. Who is this Lash Jedi? This fast as lightening Lashista is our feature stylist this month! Learn more about her “ninja fast” style and about who she is outside of the studio!

#1 How did you become interested in doing lashes?

I became intrigued with lashes when I started getting my own done. I just loved seeing how big of a difference lashes can be when having them on.

#2 What was your biggest challenge when you first started doing lashes?

The biggest challenge I had was nothing, it just came naturally to me 😉 jk I really had a hard time applying gel pads on clients because those bottom lashes always came popping back out!! Drove me crazy!!

#3 Where’s your favorite place to go out in Denver?

I love going to the movies or bowling!

#4 Describe your perfect day off. What would you do?

My perfect day off would be BBQing at home with friends and family and watching the Broncos kick ass with an ice cold beer (:

#5 Even if it’s a “no make up” day, what is your routine that you would do to your skin?

First, I wash my face and moisturize! Second, I apply Glo-Minerals Tinted Primer in Medium. Third, add some concealer underneath my eyes. Fourth, I apply Glo-Minerals Pressed Base and blush! Finally, setting powder and setting spray to keep my face from getting oily.

#6 What is your “can’t do without” beauty product?

I cannot go anywhere without my Xtreme Lashes® Eye Makeup Remover & Facial Cleanser and lip products in general! I am totally obsessed with Glo-Minerals Suede Matte Stick or Lip Gloss right now.

#7 What music or playlist is your favorite while doing lashes?

I love listening to all kinds of music, so I change my station quite a bit. I love Boyce Avenue, today’s Country, Ed Sheeran, and so many more!

#8 If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only have one type of food for the rest of you life, what type of food would you choose?

That’s so hard!! I am a foodie I love food too much to pick just one type. 🙁 I guess I would have to say Vietnamese food, can’t go wrong with that.

#9 How did you become such a fast “Lash Ninja”?

I was born a Ninja!!! Plus with a lot of hard work and practice.

#10 Do you have any pets? What kind? How many?

I have 2 dogs, a mixed poodle and a peekapoo! I love them so much!!


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