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Hello again, friends! Let’s talk about serums. Serums are great; they can be applied to only the area of concern or all over, they can correct and prevent, they are lightweight and often help with the texture of your skin. I love serums, I have used a lot of different ones and today I’d like to talk to you about Glo Therapeutics Ageless Power serums.

These serums are unique, and I’ve worked them into my routine for a while now so that I can talk to you about them with the best idea of how they work and how they will benefit you, dear readers.

First I’d like to talk to you about prepping your skin for a serum. You should always apply serums to clean, dry skin. I cleanse, exfoliate with a chemical exfoliator and use a pH balancing moisturizer – balancing the pH of your skin will help it absorb your serums and extra moisturizer. If you’re using a normal moisturizer you should apply your serums before.


Cyto-luxe Vitamin C+

Cyto-luxe Vitamin C+ serum is a very lightweight serum. The active ingredients in Cyto-luxe Vitamin C+ serum are unique and effective! Vitamin C is used to as sun protection and can also help with elasticity and reducing fine lines and wrinkles; Hyaluronic Acid is a fast and effective moisture delivery system- it can hold up to 20 times its weight in moisture- this helps your skin look plump! This serum has ingredients that focus on forming new cells and collagen, reducing moisture loss through the dermis and epidermis, and flushing toxins from the skin.

Cyto-luxe Hydration+

Cyto-luxe Hydration+ serum is a lightweight, moisture rich serum. This serum is unique because it contains an ingredient called Dermateain HyA Min- this is a miniature hyraluronic acid molecule that penetrates deeper into the skin. The plankton extract in this serum fills furrows as well as small wrinkles and fine lines, this result is often seen after the first application and can last up to 6 hours! Other key ingredients in this serum are intended to increase cell turnover for a more youthful appearance, slow the destruction of existing cells to create firmer skin, as well as soothe and moisturize.

I like these serums a lot! These are a great team to take on a winter in Colorado! I like them because I pretty much immediately saw results; my skin was more hydrated from day 1 which is nice because typically in the winter my skin is a painful, dry nightmare. I have noticed a dramatic difference in the texture of my skin- it is more firm, especially around my jawline, it’s softer and more supple. I’ve also notice that my fine lines are gone; specifically, a small wrinkle on the left side of my upper lip has disappeared and my forehead lines are virtually gone!

Glo Therapeutics definitely delivered with this duo!

Thanks for reading! Come in to check out our Glo Therapeutics selection or purchase on our website and use code “Lash14” for a little discount!

Written by Shannon Wells

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