Day 1 Of Lindsays Microblading Journey

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Day 1

Going into having a microblading service I was very apprehensive on what to expect. Will it hurt? How dark will my brows become? How will she make sure my brows become even? You know, just every single thing a girl in the beauty industry thinks before semi-permanently altering her face.

As usual, walking into Live Love Lash had an instantaneous calming effect on me; right away you just know these ladies eat, breath, and sleep perfect brows and lashes. Met with the sweetest smile, Kai brought me back to the private VIP treatment room. The consultation was concise but thorough. First, Kai had me lay down on the treatment bed while she took a good look at my brows. She laid out three potential color swatches on my forehead so we could go over which color, depth and tone would be my best match; also taking into consideration that the final product would fade slightly from my initial service. Together we chose chocolate brown. Next, she used a string held tightly to “map out” the proper dimensions of where my brows should lay.  Kai gave me thoughtful input on how different dimensions had the ability to make my eye appear more open  or adversely drooped down. After getting our guideline, she was ready to start.

To my surprise the actual microblading went quickly and wasn’t very painful! I could feel Kai cutting small strokes in and around my brows, which caused little to no discomfort. Several times throughout this phase of the process, she would ask me to sit up to give her a head-on view on the progress my brows were making. About an hour into this and Kai’s masterpiece was finished! My brows are dark and pronounced, which is typical for this right after this treatment, but I am looking forward to sharing with everyone my progression of healing. Look back to our blog to get my next update, and take the time to look at the Live Love Lash brow artists’ portfolios in the meantime.

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