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Babies. Who doesn’t love babies?

I for one, LOVE babies. My little lady is almost 6 months old and I have a 9 year old step son, both of which are totally stellar (see attached photos). Really, I never thought I could love anything more. If you are a mother yourself you know that its an indescribable feeling. You also know that you are no longer #1. There’s no longer time to wake up, shower, do your makeup, eat breakfast, and be on your merry way. You have 2 other lives to put before you’re own!

I always said to myself “I’m never going to be that mom. I will always be pulled together.” This worked for about 2 weeks, until I came to the harsh realization that I was that mom. That tired mom with puke in her hair, mismatched socks, hairy legs, and worst of all… NATURAL LASHES. Not that natural isn’t beautiful (it is, don’t go there), but if there is one thing that I have fallen in love with all over again, it’s my Xtreme® Lashes Eyelash Extensions.

Working at Live Love Lash has always been a luxury in the lash department, obviously. Before children I was like, “It’s cool to have them, but I don’t need them.” After children it was like, OH HONEY, you NEED them. Getting in every few weeks with one of our lovely girls isn’t an option anymore, it’s a necessity. As long as your lashes are done, nothing else really matters. Hairy legs? Pukey Hair? Who cares?! Not me! Maybe my husband…but not me, because I have all I want and all I need. Lashes<3



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