Emeli’s Infraslim Experience

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I workout 6 times a week. Yes, 6 TIMES! I’m never satisfied unless I get a good sweat on and push myself extra hard. I’m not going to lie, I love my pizza and ice cream, but I hate to think that all the time spent at the gym is negated by my cheat meals. Thankfully, I found a quick and easy way to detox my body even after I sneak a naughty snack! Live Love Lash offers the Infraslim Body Contouring System. Its revolutionary technology uses infrared heat and pressure therapy that results in a number of health benefits! Naturally, I thought “I must try this and see what the hype is about”. Upon booking my appointment, I was asked to wear long sleeves, long pants and socks (workout clothes or anything comfortable is best). When I arrived I filled out my consent form and was taken back by my technician. She offered to take my measurements (arm, waist, upper thigh) in order to keep track of inches lost based on prolonged use. P.S. This is optional!  My technician made sure that I was comfortable while explaining what I was about to experience and answered any questions I had. The process itself was very simple and quick (only lasting about 40 minutes). There was heat passing through every inch of my body, I felt like I was baking in a sauna! Simultaneously, each panel of the machine would inflate and deflate creating a massage like experience. By the end of my session I definitely felt like my body had been detoxed. I was advised to then stay hydrated–this would help flush all the toxins out of my lymphatic system. Also, to avoid starches and sugars (in other words, don’t go home and eat a doughnut, dang it). To say I enjoyed the infraslim is an understatement. It was so relaxing, the staff was lovely, and it’s a fast and easy way to detoxify and lose those few extra pounds. I’ll be back for sure!
Written By: Emeli Morales

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