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As summertime fast approaches, most of us are thinking it’s time for the flawless tan we all desire–But if you are a spray tan newbie, you might be a little apprehensive.. All I can say is that tan fat is better than pale fat right? A good spray tan can add a boost of confidence that we all need to be bikini ready, and give you that healthy glow we’ve all been craving. So here is a few tips for prepping for your first spray tan experience like a pro!


#1 Scheduling your appointment– Keep in mind that after you are sprayed you cannot get wet for 6-8 hours while your tan is developing. Evening appointments are usually the most convenient- Get sprayed after work, then go home and rest while your tan is developing! You can shower the next morning. A morning appointment might also work for you if you need to shower that evening. If you are getting sprayed for an event I recommend coming 1-2 days before your event!

#2 Prepping your skin before the spray–  Always exfoliate with an oil free exfoliant. Make sure you use a new razor blade to shave prior to your spray to avoid your spray fading uneven. It is best to exfoliate and shave the day before but the day of is fine as well. Avoid exfoliating after your spray tan, as this will prematurely remove your glow!

#3 Don’t wear your favorite white dress– Dress down! The best thing to wear after your spray tan is loose clothing – i.e sweats, a dark colored maxi, bandeau bra, flip flops. You want to avoid anything tight that can leave unwanted marks on your skin. You want to look flawless not streaky! Anything that you need to wiggle into is a NO!

#4 Prepping your skin at the salon– You want to come in with fresh, clean skin, so no makeup or moisturizers! Wash your face and wipe your body down with a cleansing towelette.

#5 Undressing for your spray- If this is your first airbrush tan experience, you may be wondering: do I have to get completely naked?! This is up to you! We want you to be comfortable and to have an enjoyable spray tan experience. Some clients prefer to undress completely to avoid any and all unwanted tan lines. Other clients prefer to leave their bra and/or underwear on. We do provide disposable underwear for those who do not want to get spray tan on their undergarments. Just keep in mind, you will have tan lines if you do decide to leave clothing on.

#6 Showering– Once your tan is fully developed you can shower. I recommend rinsing in cool to lukewarm water (Never hot). Rinse until the water runs clear. Then pat, not rub, your skin dry after showering.

#7 Maintaining your glow– MOISTURIZE! MOISTURIZE! MOISTURIZE! The more your moisturize the longer your tan will last! Avoid scrubs, masks, and anything with alcohol as it will fade your tan faster. If you are wanting to maintain your glow throughout the summer get a spray once a week!

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Written by Allie Shigeno

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