Microblading FAQ

Curious about microblading? Here’s all the microblading information you’ll ever need!   What is microblading? Microblading is a form of tattooing. Unlike a regular tattoo, pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld tool instead of a machine. … Read More

Tis the Season to Be Well

I know how stressful the holiday season can be with work, family, money etc.– But you have to remember to take care of yourself as well! You won’t be able to take care of all the holiday responsibilities if you’re … Read More

Beauty Treatments: Baking Soda

Baking soda, sodium bicarbonate, bicarbonate of soda… or whatever you like to call it, there’s really no denying that it is a miracle powder. This inexpensive, multitasking powder can help you look amazing from head to toe! In my household … Read More

Water: The Best Kept Beauty Secret

It is no secret that water does amazing things for our bodies. Our bodies are composed of about 60% water. If we are dehydrated, which most of us are at some point in our busy day, we are effecting the … Read More

The Importance of Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Make up brushes are an everyday essential for our beauty routine. Once we’ve invested in purchasing good brushes it’s important to properly care for them to ensure a longer brush life and also prevent build up.  Each type of brush … Read More

Microblading 101

Microblading has quickly become 2016’s top beauty trend. I know I’ve bought multiple brow powders, pencils, pomades and stencils in an attempt to reach brow perfection. Get ready to throw all of those away! Arches are in high demand these … Read More

Infra Slim Body Contouring

Hello Friends! I’m Shannon and I’m an apprentice here at Live Love Lash! Today I tried our Infra-Slim Body Contouring treatment. I went blindly into this endeavor and really had no idea what to expect, but I believe that the … Read More

Makeup Brushes 101

Hey Beauty Babes! There are so many makeup brushes out there, it’s enough to make anyone feel a little intimidated. So which brushes do we absolutely NEED? Beautiful makeup is as much about the tools you use as it is … Read More

Everything Spray Tan

As summertime fast approaches, most of us are thinking it’s time for the flawless tan we all desire–But if you are a spray tan newbie, you might be a little apprehensive.. All I can say is that tan fat is … Read More

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