Skincare 101: When to Use Your Favorite Facial Products + Why

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The way we use our facial products is just as important as the products themselves. With so many products out there it can be confusing sometimes, especially when you’re not getting the results you were expecting. Knowing when and how to use the products is key. We all want healthy, glowing, and radiant skin– but if you’re not getting the best results you might be using the products wrong! Follow this basic skincare routine and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Daily Use

#1 Cleanser– You should always wash your face at least once a day– And those with oily or combination skin would benefit from washing twice a day (morning and evening). A good cleanser should be gentle, and should not contain soap in it! The pH level of soap will dry out your skin. Your skins pH level is about 5.5. Your skin is slightly acidic which helps the outermost layer retain moisture , and keep germs out. If you use a cleanser with soap in it, the alkaline can break up the acid causing your skin to dry out. Massage the cleanser into your skin using circular motions. Rinse with warm water when finished. I like to wipe my face with a wet wash cloth after to ensure all the oil, dirt, and makeup is removed.

#2 Toner– Toners often get dismissed as “overkill” or a step that isn’t needed. What some do not know is that a toner is a crucial part of any skin care routine. Think of your toner prep for the next step of your routine. It removes residue from the face like make up and oils. Make sure to find a toner that is alcohol free (since alcohol will dry out your skin).One misconception of toners is that they have to be sprayed or misted since most toners come in a spray bottle. False, you can spray toner on a cotton pad and wipe entire face or spray over entire face. I like to wipe the toner all over my skin to ensure all residue is removed.

#3 Moisturizer– Every skin type needs moisturizer on a daily base. For those with oily skin once a day will be enough, but those with dry skin– twice a day is a must. Moisturizing should always be the very last step of your skincare routine. Moisturizer should be applied to the entire face and neck. Since the neck is an extension of your face don’t leave it out! One mistake some of us make is applying too much moisturizer ,which can lead to clogged pores. If your skin is ultra dry ,applying multiple layers of moisturizer will not heal the dry skin. Your skin can only absorb so much, so stick to applying one layer of moisturizer.


Weekly Use

#1 Masks– Masks are great when you can use a little “Me time” but they should be limited to once or twice a week. Masks can have many skin benefits, so choose one that best fits your needs at the time.

#2 Exfoliator– This a crucial but not daily step in your skincare routine. Although it can be tempting to scrub our faces and bodies daily, for the best results exfoliate once or twice a week. You can either choose a cleanser with a chemical exfoliator or a facial scrub with a physical exfoliants. A chemical exfoliator uses certain chemicals (such as alpha and beta hydroxy acids) to dissolve the dead skin cells. A physical exfoliator works using mildly abrasive substances to sand off dead skin cells. Some physical exfoliators can be harsh on the skin so be careful when using these!


As Needed

#1 Targeted Treatments– These products can be very strong, therefore should only be used when needed. These treatments are for blemishes, dark spots, and physical symptoms like eczema. These treatments include retinols, hyper-pigmentation treatments, and zit zappers. Use these as needed ,but always read labels on how to properly use each treatment.


Written by Allie Shigeno

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