May: A Peek Behind the Scenes

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There is New Years and then there is spring! I get so excited about the warm air; I start dreaming of summer activities and love seeing the flowers start popping their heads up.

There also seems to be a spring “thing” that happens amongst the team. People start to talk about their goals for the rest of the year and coming to me with ideas for the studio. I love this! We have our spring photoshoot outside, and all of the girls seem to come out of the winter funk and bond. I hear lots of giggles and happy spirits floating through the space. This is everything to me! Sometimes I like to sit on the couch in the middle of the studio and just listen to the sounds that make this machine run.

People ask me all the time, ‘How the hell do you do it? Twenty women in one place?” To be quite honest, I don’t know that I thought about it too much before I jumped in the water. A favorite client, turned mentor and friend, who also owns a company said to me once, “I’m just the keeper of our culture,” and this struck such a chord with me. That’s what I want to be, “the keeper of our culture.” The one who encourages you to reach your highest heights.

Not all days are easy, some are quite hard if I’m being completely honest. And thank you to those of you who have dried my tears. But…I don’t think people wake up, look in the mirror and say, “I’m going to go out there and be a total bitch today. I’m going to have a lot of self-created drama.” I think it’s an ebb and a flow. We are all creatures in evolution. I named my company “live love” lash for a reason.

Whether it’s a bad day personally or a grouchy client giving us a hard time, I teach peace to the girls, peace in your own heart and peace to those around us. Between stimulus and response, in that quiet moment is when we get to decide who we are. We are all a family, our team and our clients. I tell the girls all the time that people really come to us for lash naps and love. The fact that they get to walk out looking fabulous is a total bonus.

Our creed we live by:

We strive to provide great services, hustle, learn and grow every day.

We believe that even though we are small in numbers, we embody the power to do good, we are the leaders of today that will make tomorrow a better place.

We lift others up, never down in both action and in word.

We reject the myth of conformity and always strive to help out our team members and clients.

So thank you! Thank you for coming to us for your beauty needs. Thank you for supporting all of the girls on their journeys, helping to create jobs for all of us, and most importantly, for teaching us what you’ve learned so far. We are forever grateful!




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