Employee Feature- Brennah Decamillis

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Introducing our May employee of the month…Brennah Decamillis!

#1 What are the three words that best describe you?

Dorky, creative, empathetic

#2 If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would you like to see cast as you?

Betty White

#3 Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us.

I’m a trained singer

#3 What’s on your bucket list?

To sing on a stage, and to travel to SPACE

#5 What is the weirdest job you’ve ever had?

I worked at Johnny Rockets…I had to wear a bow tie and dance specific routines when songs came on the juke box. It was traumatizing.

#6 What is the worst thing you did as a kid?

I egged my bullies from a moving suburban…. they deserved it though. I also put my little brother in a suit case and rolled him down the stairs, but I stand by the story that he had a great time!

#7 What is the one thing you cannot resist?

BREAD! And puppies

#8 You’re happiest when?

When I’m laughing with friends and family or when I’m in the ocean.

#9 Do you have a favorite quote?

“You must see with eyes unclouded by hate. See the good in that which is evil, and the evil in that which is good. Pledge yourself to neither side, but vow instead to preserve the balance that exists between the two.” Hayao Miyazaki

#10 Do you have a inspirational quote or personal mantra?

“Change your thoughts and you change the world”

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