The Perfect Brow: Xtreme Addition

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Trends, Trends, Trends! Every season has it’s own fad. For the cold months a bare face with a strong brow is one of them. Here’s how to get them looking full, yet tamed, for a clean and crisp look.

How To: The Perfect Brows

Step 1: Use wand to comb through brows.

Step 2(a): Use Brow Pen to paint color on to your Xtreme Lashes Angled Brush, then use XL Angled Brush to sculpt the tail-end (outer half) of your brow. Be sure to brush color in the same direction as hair growth for the best results.

Step 2(b): Continue to fill and shape and define the tail-end of your brow until entire area is filled. Remember the tail-end of your brow should be the darkest and most defined area.

Step 3: Using small 45 degree angle strokes, continue to fill through the midsection of your brow.

Step 4: For the most natural look, use vertical strokes to mimic the growth pattern of the head of your brow. Fill any sparse areas, but keep strokes very light. The overall color in this area should be slightly lighter than the rest of your brow.

Step 5: For added definition & lift, use Jo Mousselli Skin Renewing Concealer to clean up edges and highlight the brow.


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