Top Beauty Resolutions for the New Year

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2015’s hottest beauty trends are all about a fresh, crystal-clear glowing complexion, and there’s only one way you’ll achieve this: look after your skin. That healthy, dewy finish starts with a daily three-step skincare regime, so we’d recommend setting up a few appointments at different brands’ counters, gathering in lots of samples and seeing what works best for you before splashing out.

I will not sleep in my makeup


You might have done so once or twice over party season (after all, you’re only human – and that last shot sent you on a one-way trip to zzzz-ville), but sleeping in your make-up is the biggest beauty no-no going. When you doze, you’re getting more than rest – a secretion of hormones repairs skin tissues and cell protein production is increased, which helps reverse any damage from stress or UV rays.

Dare to wear


Stuck in a make-up rut? The start of a new year is the perfect time to break it, so dare to wear hot pink lipstick, neon nails or lavish false lashes! Simply sporting a splash of colour you’d usually shy away from can give a real confidence boost and completely transform your tired look.

I will wear SPF everyday

Any skin-savvy soul will tell you that SPF is the most effective means of slowing down the aging process. Make sure your daily moisturizer contains at least SPF15, and for gawd’s sake, use it all year round! The sun may be weaker come winter, but those sneaky UVA rays (responsible for damage and aging) are present whatever the weather.


I will Exfoliate

It’s essential to scour off those dead skin cells if you want your skin to glow with radiance and health. By ridding your complexion and bod of dead surface skin, you’ll reveal the fresher, more luminous you that lies beneath. What’s more, regular exfoliation helps the skin to renew itself, as the older we get, the slower the skin’s own shedding process becomes. Do so once or twice a week and you’ll soon see the difference.



Give lashes that irresistible flirty flutter we all hanker after. you’ll be left with a set of doe eyes even Bambi would covet.

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