Toss It: When to Throw Away Makeup and Why

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Face makeup When to toss? Liquid- 6-12 months. Powder- 2 years

If they have changed color, consistency, or scent it’s time to toss em! If you’re applying your liquid foundation with your fingers (which I hope you are not) then it’s shelf life should be closer to 6 months. Your fingers carry bacteria that can be transferred to and from the bottle to your face. If you’ve noticed more frequent breakouts, it might also be time to replace your liquid or powder foundation! Always remember to sanitize the tools you are using to apply these products!


Mascara & Liquid Liners– When to toss? 3 months

I know it hurts- especially if you’re a high-end type of girl! But healthy eyes should be worth the cost. Bacteria tends to flourish in wet, dark areas, and since you are constantly carrying bacteria from your eye to the bottle…well you want to avoid getting stye or a nasty infection. NEVER pump the wand- it will push air into the tube causing it to dry out faster. Instead pull the wand out and slowly twist to get rid of excess product.


Lipstick & Lipgloss– When to toss? 2 years or more

Luckily these both have a high shelf life. Always remember to keep the tubes clean, and if it’s a lip pencil, sharpen before every use. Any change in color, scent or consistency is a sign to toss em out!


Pencil Eyeliner & Eyeshadows– When to toss? 2 years

You can definitely splurge on these two products. Since they have such a long shelf life it won’t hurt as much to spend a little more. Pencil liners last twice as long as liquid since you can create a clean, smooth surface every time you sharpen them. Powder shadows last so long because they lack water and do not collect bacteria very easy. Just be sure to sanitize your eyeshadow brushes and eyeliner sharpener. Older eyeshadows can get packed down which makes it harder to pick up the pigment with your brush. When that happens consider replacing!


*If you’ve recently been sick or had an eye infection you will want to consider tossing any makeup that has come in contact with said infection (I.E cold sore or pink eye).

Written by Allie Shigeno

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