Lets Talk Brazilians: Everything You Need to Know About Staying Fresh Downstairs

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How Can I Prepare for body waxing?

You can help minimize discomfort by following a few simple guidelines:

Make sure the hair is trimmed to the proper length- ¼-½ “  Come to the appointment with clean, fresh skin. Things like oils and sweat can stop the wax from working effectively. By gently exfoliating and applying a light, oil-free moisturizer you remove dead skin build up that can keep hair trapped. This also keeps your new, hair-free skin soft and healthy!


Do you judge us (down there?)

A fair amount of girls have asked if they are “normal” down there, thinking you might be weird is completely normal. If you have any serious concerns, speak to your doctor. But in my experience, vaginas are pretty badass no matter what shape, size, or color yours is.


What if it’s really hairy?!

Hair should be ¼-½”

Wax won’t be able to grab the hair that is too short and hair that is too long may break instead of coming out at the root, leading to more discomfort and possibly ingrowns…and also makes my job way harder.


What about when Aunt Flo is in town?

As long as you are wearing a freshly changed tampon/ menstrual cup we can totally work around it! Just keep in mind that your body is doing a lot of work and it can be much more uncomfortable during your period. 1-2 weeks after is prime waxing time!


What about bumps and breakouts?

Waxing is a team effort. I can do some things to offset ingrowns, but if we aren’t working together with proper aftercare at home then they can still occur. For many people they are just unavoidable but if you are gently exfoliating then hairs have less dead skin to get trapped under and keeping the skin moisturized keep that build-up to a minimum. Don’t let it build up, don’t let it dry out.

If you do get ingrowns, there are sooo many products on the market to help. My tried and true is a dot of tea tree oil if the spot is inflamed and/or kind of looks like a zit. This helps kill any bacteria and soothe the skin until that lil’ sucker can work it’s way out!


Is it weird seeing so many hoo-hah’s?!

No way! We see so much lady business that it is basically a hairy elbow. After days of doing 15+ brazilians, I wouldn’t be able to pick mine out of a lineup.


How do people react when you tell them you’re a waxer?

The vast majority of the time, people respond with curiosity, asking much of these same questions! But there are always a few creeps, I went on a date once and when he found out he said “mmm that’s so sexy” um…bye!


What do you think about while you’re waxing someone?

Usually I chat with clients, it’s a very personal service so you usually tend to bond with people very fast, I have some clients that come in and it’s like catching up with an old friend! Other thoughts are pretty normal, what’s going on that day, what I’m doing after work, listening to the music playing, where to place a strip next, or I could honestly just be thinking about how cute my dogs are 🙂


We’re all wondering…what’s it like to do brazilians?!

Super awkward the first few times, but I realized that if I’m weird about it then my client is going to be weird about it, and if my client is weird about it then I can’t do my job. The technical side of it is pretty fun though, lay a strip- pull a strip- instant gratification!


What’s the trendy thing to do these days?

Full kit-and-kaboodle waxing definitely had it’s moment in the sun, but I think more and more women are realizing that they don’t have to like what everyone deems the norm. I started seeing a lot more ladies choosing to leave hair. Whether it be a landing strip, the “dorito chip”, or even a heart (yes, really!) I have even had a request from a client to leave her “tail feathers”

You do you, girls!


What about men?

A lot of men still have a stigma about waxing but we have seen more and more taking the plunge. I personally don’t do male brazilians (or bro-zilians as I like to call them) but have done loads of chests, backs, and eyebrows! Even my guy isn’t immune to the occasional wax stick up the nose 😉


Please tell us an epic waxing story.

Honestly, I could write a book with all the things that have happened in my waxing room, from clients seriously oversharing to unexpected visitors in the room. But, to shorten it from book to blog, and spare you the gross stuff (because there is a lot of it) here it goes!



-I used to work at a pretty busy waxing place, one day there was probably 8 people waiting in the lobby and I went out to call back my next guest for her brazilian….her name was Virgina. Guess what I accidentally called out.



Written By: Kamila Nanney


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