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Okay guys, per my last post you all know that I am a new mom and wife. When I’m not with my family I’m at work. This means my ME time, is literally driving from dropping my kids off to work. It’s not as thrilling as it sounds ← that was sarcasm. I need MORE! If I could pick one thing to do with my alone time, it would be to workout. It’s virtually impossible to do anything with my 8 month old, nonetheless get to the gym. Recently, my lovely boss Amy, got me hooked on a place where I can get my workout in, be on time for work, and have some time to myself! Pilates Evolution is a Pilates studio in Cherry Creek, right down the street from Live Love Lash! It honestly could not be more perfectly fit for the busy gal lifestyle. 40 minute classes, intense but not too intense (meaning you can go in hair and makeup, but be careful! + they have flexible class days/times. I normally go to the 10:15 class on Monday’s with Erin. Her playlists pump you up and she’s so motivating during the workout (sometimes I take a break when she walks away;). The first time you go, it’s a little intimidating so I suggest to go with a friend… Shout out to Kai Bauer for being my Pilates partner! Your whole workout takes place on this contraption that looks, and sometimes feels, like a torture chamber. It takes a while to get used to and to get the hang of but after about your 3rd class it’s cake. After a mix of strength, cardio, stretching,  balance and core, you’re ready to take on your Monday and the rest of your week! This place is a must for busy girls just like me who work hard and want to look good doing it;) Schedule your class time online at and visit one of their three locations! If you end up choosing Cherry Creek, use code PELOVE at check out and get 50% off your first class!


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